About Us

Welcome to Drop Matrix Studio

All our Motion Videos are on High Definition (HD), there is no compromise in quality. If you are seeing blurry or something not good please checks you are watching videos on HD playback in your YouTube settings.All videos costs a fixed price of $15.

So how it works

Drop Matrix Presents Customizable Motion Videos for sale. You do not need to do anything or to know complex editing software’s. We do the work for you. All you have to do is to pick the right video that suits your needs and just purchase it and send us the changes like videos, images and texts to replace via email and we will do the rest and send you the output video as you like. We can upload and send you the URL or if you want it as a CD/DVD we can send it via post. You have the option to pay via PayPal / credit card / debit card /direct deposit and also net bank transfer facility is available.

The benefits

All our Motion Graphics works suits your Business and Personal needs like Advertisements, Ad Films, Short Films, Cinema Titles, Movies, Video Presentations, Title Credits, Motion Graphics, Wedding Albums, Video Editing, Visual Effects, Web Ads, Animated Banners, TV Commercials……You just name it. You can use it anywhere and everywhere as you wish without any License issue because all our motion works are completely royalty free. YES! TOTALLY ROYALTY FREE.

The most benefit you are gaining is the price and time

You know making motion graphics costs you much money and time or effort but here in Drop Matrix you are taking advantages of that too.

What you can do with these

So you wish to send your loved ones a wish through social media or post, anyhow see our video library, Or to produce a Title Graphics or commercial for yourself or for your client, you can find that here. Do you want to Advertise Products or Business, Do you want a Title sequence for your Movie or Short Films, You need Company or School Presentations, Need to make Wedding Albums, Add some Stunning Graphics and Visual Effects to your Video Edits, Want to put some nice Animated Banners for your Website or for your Social Media or YouTube/Vimeo Channels. Everything is at one place yes that is Drop Matrix Studio – The Complete Multimedia Solutions For You.

We Also Do Custom Works for you

Simply contact us using the contact form or email us to contact@dropmatrix.com to fulfil your custom work needs.We deal with all kind of motion works.

Make money with us

You will probably ask this question – HOW? “We are paying to buy your videos then how I will make money?” Yes you are paying some pennies for the works that cost huge amount of money, time and effort. You can purchase it for your clients and thus make that money. So who all are buying from us: Studios, Motion Graphics Designers, Photographer and Videographer, Short Film or Film Makers, Video Editors, Advertisement Agencies and even school children to resell to their friends 🙂 PLEASE SEE OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS